YouTube Series 1

I was somewhat scared and a little nervous to upload my first ever YouTube video, but I finally scraped the guts together to post it! The video I posted is a short simple introduction to my channel and what I plan to post in the future…  Such as clips of me playing the piano, my travelling adventures, and maybe some creative cinematography.  As I gain more experience and become more comfortable with this creative adventure I am sure things will develop and change, but for now this is the immediate plan.


Screenshot of the editing process.

It took me 3 days in total to film and edit the video (2 days of filming and 1 day of editing). The editing was a bit tricky to do because there were a lot layers and the timing had to be right. This too I am sure will start flowing more quickly as I get the hang of things and understand the editing software better and learn the shortcuts.  The editing software I am currently using is Final Cut Pro X


Screenshot of layering.

Steps applied are as follows:

Step 1:
– Import all of the videos and camera stills.
– Research songs to put in the video

Step 2:
– Record voiceover.

Step 3:
– Start editing and joining clips together.
– Add transitions for each scene.

Step 4:
– Attach end screen (this is what you can expect to see next week).
– Add end screen music/song

– I had to do a lot of research on what type of songs to use in my video as there are copyright issues on much of the popular artists and their music.  There are ways around this. (A blog post on this to follow in the near future).
– I was able to source a lot of online tutorials and YouTube videos on Final Cut Pro X which helped me hugely in the editing of my video, especially with the layering side of things.

Videos and tutorials that helped me:
How to freeze a moving scene in Final Cut Pro X.
How To Create Youtube Video Outro’s With Final Cut Pro X.


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