Liquid Gold

I’ve started experimenting with night photography, which is always more challenging because of low lighting issues.  I don’t use a flash so it is all about juggling my ISO and aperture. Taking photos at night is my weakness when it comes to photography so I need to work at it.

It never rains in this part of the world, and when it does it usually brings traffic to a stop.  The water cannot drain off the roads as there is nowhere for it to drain too.  Eventually it all just dries up as the sun is usually out faster than the clouds can move away.  The upside of these sporadic deluges are huge lake-like puddles sit for a few days.  The reflections in these puddle lakes are beautiful.  We don’t often see reflections in water here so when you do it is always worthy of a photograph or two….

The other night a friend who lives opposite the Mosque posted a beautiful photograph on his FB page of the mosque with its lights reflected in the large car park that had become one of these puddle lakes.  My Dad and I decided to go and experiment with some night photography.


We had to use a low F Stop so the camera could absorb as much light as possible, the lowest ISO, which was 100 and a long shutter speed which was between 15 and 30 seconds. I was being a bit impatient while my camera was taking the photo, so I zoomed in and out and I got some very interesting results. One of those happy accidents, will definitely use this technique again in the future.




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