Review – Jazz@PizzaExpress musicians


Word on the street is if you enjoy exploring the local talent scene, and live music Jazz@PizzaExpress (close to Jumeirah Lake Towers) is the place to visit. A friend and I decided to check this out for ourselves and spent a fantastic evening there enjoying the music, musicians, great company and wonderful hospitality from the management and friendly staff.

The idea is Jazz@PizzaExpress serves fresh food and classic pizzas under the Pizza Express brand to patrons. All while they enjoy live performances from aspiring musicians and better known musicians alike from both the local and international scene.

I loved the cosmopolitan vibe and atmosphere of the restaurant. The staff were welcoming and super friendly and the musicians and their music were great. I was actually there for the music, not really the food, but ended up enjoying both. If you are a fan of a casual atmosphere while enjoying a meal and great live music then this is the place for you.

The entertainment varies from night to night. Tuesday nights, they have their ‘Jam Sessions’ where people sign up to sing and perform before the visiting crowd. The genres of music are as varied as the performers. The Tuesday night I was there we listened to a broad mix of Jazz, Pop, Soul, Funk, Latin and Rock and Roll. Definitely enough to satisfy a variety of music tastes.

The first band that performed was called Uptown. They are a 6 piece band that played a variety of covers of well known hits.


Uptown performing one of their covers.

The set list in order of performance was as follows:

Beggin by Madcon.
Diamonds in the soul of her shoes by Paul Simon.
Bailando by Enrique Iglesias.
Forget You by Cee Lo Green.
Thinking of you.
Purple Rain by Prince.


Uptown performing one of their covers

Andrea Brown, another performer with a powerful voice and a wonderfully engaging stage personality. She had the audience dancing along with her, all while posing for photos with them and performing.


Andrea Brown


Andrea Brown belting it out

Later on in the evening there was a surprise guest appearance by the manager of Jazz@PizzaExpress himself who performed Smooth by Santana feat. Rob Thomas. Mid performance, one of the chefs joined the fray and started breakdancing. It was a wonderful evening with a fantastic energy. Everyone, performers and audience alike were smiling and having a ball. A recipe for a great evening!


The Jazz@PizzaExpress manager performing Smooth by Santana feat. Rob Thomas.


The Jazz@PizzaExpress manager performing Smooth by Santana feat. Rob Thomas.

I found a number of online reviews for this venue that mirrored my sentiments. It is my feeling that anyone who visits Jazz@PizzaExpress will find something to enjoy. I will definitely recommend this to friends and visitors and I will most certainly be back for more!



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