SAE Project 5: Moving Forward

20160218_130259.jpg by Siobhon van der Merwe on

I have had fun posting blogs the last few weeks, and have spent a lot of time reflecting on why I chose SAE, and what I want from this course and my future career. Now I need to examine how this unit is actually going to assist me in moving forward and achieving my goals.

Through reflection I have learned more about myself than I expected to. I am naturally reflective, but this unit has forced me to examine my areas of weakness and has made me more aware which will allow me to move forward with a plan.

In this unit to date we have examined:
·      Learning to learn
·      Learning reflectively in creative media
·      Writing and communication
·      Getting it right – organising ideas

It is with these newly developed skills and insights learned in this course I can move forward with my studies. Learning how to plan and organise my thoughts into an essay or in this case blog will not only give me the skills required to complete this course, but will be the very building blocks for a future in the industry. A huge part of editing is about understanding the story you are editing. If you cant do that you will not be able to edit in a way that delivers the message the author wants the audience to “get“. So ultimately to be able to edit effectively, we not only have to understand what we are doing technically, we have to understand how to write too.

This course unit helps us acquire those skills and develop them so we can move forward and achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

In the short term moving forward will involve organising my work in such a way it is easy for me to use as a resource and learn from, handing in my assignments on time to avoid penalties, and most importantly completing all of my assignments to the best of my ability. This will ultimately help me achieve my goals while moving forward, which are to improve as a learner and be more confident in my writing, and build on my weaknesses mentioned in my previous blogs. This module will help me improve as a student of film and reach my goals in the area I have chosen to specialise in, and ultimately to become a creative and successful filmmaker.


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